You’re trying to access websites from Cyprus which are blocked? Then using a VPN is the way to go.

Especially when it comes to streaming platforms like Disney Plus or watching specific movies on Netflix, Cypriots have issues accessing these.

The reason: They are blocked from Cyprus users.

The solution: Using a high quality VPN Service. A virtual private network (VPN) will make it seems, for the website you’re trying to access, that you’re doing so from another country.

Find out below which virtual private networks (VPNs) work best in Cyprus.

The best Cyprus VPN: Top 5

In the section below, each VPN service provider featured here will undergo a thorough review.

Haven’t got time to read reviews? Just want to know which VPN is the best for Cyprus?

We got you covered with our top 5 list.

1. Express VPN
12,90€ / 1 Month
2. Nord VPN
10,49€ / 1 Month
3. Surfshark
12,95€ / 1 Month
4. Proton VPN
9,99€ / 1 Month
5. IPVanish
7,03€ / 1 Month

1. Express VPN: Number #1 for Cyprus

According to our user testing and unbiased review processes, ExpressVPN is the best VPN you can buy for browsing and in Cyprus.

A kill switch, split tunneling, and 3,000 servers spread over 160 locations in 94 countries are all features of ExpressVPN. Few companies offer such a wide range of servers, ensuring that wherever you are in Cyprus, you will always have a quick, consistent connection.

AES-256 encryption, OpenVPN, and Lightway are used by all applications. Outstanding speeds are provided by Lightway’s proprietary, open-source technology, which is particularly crucial if you play games online.

Assuring that its RAM-only DNS servers don’t monitor you or your activities is ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer technology. ExpressVPN is a quick and secure VPN service, and a recent update added an iOS kill switch. Excellent.

For experts and novices alike, it’s an almost unbeatable package, and we believe the additional cost is justified.

Geo-blocked streaming content can be unblocked with a VPN. Success for ExpressVPN. In our tests, it unlocked all the streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime.

Finally, customer service. If something goes wrong, live chat support is available around-the-clock. They are quicker, more knowledgeable, and superior to other VPN live chat workers in our experience. The online support is also excellent.

If you want a dependable VPN that protects your data, this package is almost impossible to better.

2. NordVPN

Coming in at number two is NordVPN. After doing an exhaustive analysis of NordVPN, we came to the conclusion that it is among the very best virtual private network (VPN) services.

With 5,500 servers located in 59 different countries, NordVPN makes it practically impossible to not find a fast server. Although it has fewer servers than ExpressVPN, it is still an excellent VPN service. You will connect to these servers via utilizing NordLynx, which is an updated version of WireGuard. We were able to get rates of 820Mbps.

In order to keep you safe while you are browsing the internet, you will be provided with features such as split tunneling, a kill switch, AES-256 encryption, and unusual options such as Onion over VPN and Double VPN. Another cool thing is threat protection.

On personal computers and tablets, the map-based interface functions perfectly, but not on smartphones. Due to some bizarre update, the client on the PC cannot be resized, which causes platform inconsistencies. The programs are powerful and interoperable with a wide variety of platforms and hardware.

The most exciting new component of Nord is Meshnet. Because of this, customers are able to link devices together from any location by utilizing encrypted connections provided by NordVPN, thereby forming a secure network. This possesses a considerable amount of power, and we are interested to see what Nord does with it.

When it comes to streaming, NordVPN shines. Netflix, the iPlayer, Disney+, and Amazon Prime all need to be unblocked. Recently, Nord has demonstrated more stability with Netflix compared to ExpressVPN. Because of this, it is the finest Virtual Private Network (VPN) for accessing Netflix in Cyprus.

The money-back guarantee at NordVPN is good for a full 30 days, and the company has deals available all year round. There are a few usability issues here and there, and the competition is fierce.

3. Surfshark

Surfshark is an anonymous web surfing service that offers a large global network, an intuitive user interface, and outstanding privacy and security features. It is less expensive than products that are comparable.

Camouflage mode, split-tunneling, NoBorders mode, which enables you to use Surfshark in countries where VPNs are not permitted, and multihop VPN connections are some of the more fascinating capabilities offered by Surfshark. CleanWeb is a technology developed by Surfshark that eliminates phishing, malware, and ads.

Users’ activities are not monitored in any way by Surfshark. Despite the fact that it can be difficult to confirm that a VPN service does not keep any logs, the German cybersecurity organization Cure53 rated Surfshark’s security as “excellent” in its 2021 evaluation.

Beginning in February 2022, Tesonet will own both Surfshark and NordVPN.

A quick Virtual Private Network option is Surfshark. We were quite aback to find out that the only problem with Surfshark was its speed test. The decrease in internet speed was only 19%, making it one of the fastest VPNs we’ve tried, but the results were all over the place, which was quite frustrating. At other occasions, the drop was as much as 19%, while at other times it was just around 5%. At least in terms of how it is applied in Cyprus. We gave it a shot in Larnaca as well as in Limassol.

Surfhark is in the process of adding more servers. Over 3,200 servers located across 99 different nations. Expanding the server network of the VPN could potentially increase performance.

During our testing, we were able to access Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, but we were unable to access Disney Plus.

The price for the first year is $48, and each year after that is $60. The price for the two-year plan is $53, and it comes with two free months. After that, it is $80 per month. The monthly package from Surfshark costs $13. The 30-day money-back guarantee is available through Surfshark.

4. Proton VPN

Proton VPN is perfect for advanced VPN users as well as those who place a high importance on privacy. It is also ideal for people who just occasionally connect to a VPN and only want to improve their online privacy or view content that is restricted. Quick, user-friendly, and capable of unblocking popular streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video.

In just a few short years, Proton VPN has garnered a positive reputation among users for both its openness and its level of security. Although the majority of Proton VPN’s reputation originates from Proton Mail, the service has developed into an exceptional product on its own since the year 2017.

Only one of our top five providers, Proton VPN, has its source code publicly available to reviewers and users. Apps are subjected to the scrutiny of independent cybersecurity experts on a regular basis. During their most recent investigation, “No severe security vulnerabilities were discovered.” [Citation needed]

The kill switch, DNS leak prevention, and AES 256-bit encryption are all included in the Proton VPN service. Ad and malware blockers, Tor over VPN, and a stealth technique to hide VPN connections and bypass firewalls are all included in the provider’s offering.

The installation of Secure Core servers is Proton VPN’s crowning achievement. Proton’s Secure Core servers are company-owned, contain encrypted hard drives, and are maintained in secure data centers in a decommissioned military station in Iceland and subterranean bunkers in Switzerland and Sweden. Multi-hop works the same way on these servers as it does on the servers of other VPN providers; the only difference is that Proton’s Secure Core servers are kept in these locations.

The best free virtual private network (VPN) option is Proton. It is the only free Virtual Private Network (VPN) that we have found for Cyprus that is worthwhile to use. The free tier of Proton VPN does not permit torrenting and does not have all of the bells and whistles that come with the paid subscription tier; nonetheless, it is secure and does not impose any limits on speed, bandwidth, or use time.

5. IPVanish

IPVanish allows an infinite number of devices to be connected to a single account. Windows, macOS, iOS, Android (with a Linux interface), and Chrome are the operating systems that support it. IPVanish is compatible with routers, allowing you to safeguard any device that connects to the internet.

It has over 2000 servers located in 50 different locations, therefore it cannot be considered a connectivity behemoth. The fact that we were able to access Netflix and geo-blocked content on YouTube in Cyprus using the servers demonstrates that quality is more important than quantity.

The WireGuard implementation that IPVanish uses provides satisfactory performance. After receiving feedback from customers who were unhappy with its performance, IPVanish made some necessary adjustments.

IPVanish has options for split tunnelling, traffic obfuscation, and auto-connection in addition to providing military-grade security with AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, and more.

Your web browsing, streaming activities, and personal data are all protected by this VPN, as is your file storage.

The monthly plans start at $3.99, and the yearly plans come with a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. However, the cost will increase when a year has passed.

Why you need a VPN in Cyprus

When it comes to accessing particular websites, Cyprus has some quite stringent regulations in place. Particularly the movie and betting industry, as any access to some of those has been completely restricted.

How a VPN works.

Accessing streaming services in order to view your preferred television show or movie will also put you in the position of having to deal with this problem. For example, Cyprus does not have access to the Disney Plus streaming service.

In addition to this, quite a few of Amazon’s movies can only be viewed if the user connects to the website from a country other than their own.

You might, for instance, change your location to be in the UK if you used a virtual private network (VPN). After doing these steps, you will be able to watch virtually anything on Amazon and Netflix.

If you use one of the Virtual Private Networks that we have recommended, specifically Express VPN, you will be able to access any streaming platform that is available from Cyprus. You simply need to change your location to another country, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, or any other country that you may desire (or need).

It’s as simple as that!

Why shouldn’t I use a free VPN in Cyprus?

To get things rolling, it is critical to be aware that the vast majority of free VPN services do not offer server locations in Cyprus. This information is vital for getting things off the ground.

In point of fact, in comparison to the very finest premium VPN services, the great majority of free Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide access to a much smaller number of server locations.

This causes a variety of issues for us to deal with.

  • To begin, having a restricted number of servers means that each one must support a bigger number of users. This is because there are fewer servers available. This causes problems with latency and buffering, as well as reduced speeds for surfing and streaming content. This enables it to continue being possible to wager on websites that have been restricted or view a movie, but is doing so actually enjoyable? No.
  • Second, this indicates that there are fewer IP addresses, which could potentially reduce the amount of content that can be unblocked.
  • Free virtual private networks (VPNs) are not recommended for use for a number of reasons, including the fact that they do not provide adequate protection for users’ privacy. They are lacking critical security features like as encryption and a kill button, amongst other crucial security options.
  • Some people make money by constantly bombarding you with advertisements that have nothing to do with you or are improper.
  • Some people will even look through your history of visited websites and sell that information to anyone is prepared to pay the most money for it. Logins, payment methods that have been saved, and a great deal more.

If you wish to browse the web anonymously in Cyprus or anyplace else, you should avoid using virtual private networks (VPNs) that are free under any circumstances. Instead, choose for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service that places a premium on the discretion of its customers.

In conclusion, the majority of VPN service providers provide a money-back guarantee that lasts for 30 days. This ensures that you have ample time to evaluate the quality of the service before deciding whether to keep paying for it. You need to make an initial payment, but after that, it functions quite similarly to a free VPN.

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