Nicosia is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus and is the largest city in Cyprus in terms of area and population.

Naturally, it is also the casino capital of the country, boasting the largest and most popular casinos in Cyprus, which attract thousands of players every year from all parts of Cyprus, as well as tourists.

Nicosia’s location allows easy access to the Turkish side of Cyprus, which also has several casinos worth visiting. Thus, the wider area is an excellent choice to try your luck.

The most well-known casinos are C2 Casino on the Cypriot side and Saray Casino Nicosia, Nicosie Golden Tulip Casino and Grand Pasha Casino on the Turkish side.

C2 Casino on the Cypriot side

C2 Καζίνο στη Λευκωσία.

C2 Casino on the Cyprus side of Nicosia is part of the Melco Group, one of the world’s largest casino groups. The Melco Group has invested in hundreds of casinos worldwide, making it a strong player in the gaming sector.

In recent years, it has also established a few casinos in Cyprus, all of which are highly successful and highly preferred by players in Cyprus. Like all Melco Group’s casinos, this one offers not only the possibility of gambling to the guests, but a complete entertainment and relaxation experience with high quality restaurants and bars.

C2 Casino in Nicosia provides a wide variety of games, with the familiar games such as blackjack, Texas Hold’em Poker, roulette and many more, all from well-known gaming providers.

By visiting C2 casinos, players are able to join the membership club, gaining prizes and rewards that can be redeemed at all the group’s casinos. Take advantage of the various C2 offers and win!

Casino on the Turkish side of Cyprus

Casino Saray Nicosia

Saray Casino Λευκωσία.

Your options increase if you choose to visit the Turkish side of Nicosia, with Casino Saray Nicosia being an excellent choice.

This particular casino is also a hotel and provides luxurious rooms and spaces, and is renowned for its high level of service. At the same time, within its premises, you can sample high gastronomy and local cuisine.

At Casino Saray Nicosia you can play your favourite games, including slots, fruit machines, American roulette and stud poker.

Casino Golden Tulip Nicosia

Golden Tulip Λευκωσία.

The Casino Golden Tulip Nicosie is housed within the hotel of the same name and is owned by the Louvre Hotels Group. At this resort, guests can enjoy local dishes as well as international cuisine cooked by top chefs.

At the same time, it has two excellent bars, as well as a thalassotherapy centre, sports facilities, meeting rooms, etc. Thus, anyone who visits the casino will be able to enjoy many facilities that are sure to offer relaxation and tranquility.

The casino has all the games imaginable, such as roulette, slots, blackjack, fruit machines, poker, etc.

Grand Pasha Casino

Pasha Casino Λευκωσία.

Grand Pasha Casino is a luxurious and grand casino, with a modern, dazzling design, and boasts an excellent selection of games and state-of-the-art machines.

At the same time, it is well known for its haute cuisine restaurants and its VIP lounge. The casino is housed within a hotel of similar quality and facilities.

Such a quality casino could not fail to feature the favourite games of players worldwide, such as slots, slot machines, roulette, etc. Visit Grand Pasha Casino and enjoy your gaming fun.

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